A Rare Boulle Sideboard

At first glance, I thought I had seen this sideboard in another listing I did recently. But as I studied this piece, I saw clearly that the center had arches with white wooden pillars in front of the mirror. The mirror goes across the whole back of the sideboard. Next, I began studying the dark black background with the fine gold transfer work. We don't usually see the Boulle pieces in the dark stain which I think preceded the more common dark brown. The white banding that is found on the shelves, on the pillars and on the top and bottom of the large doors at the base make the parts stand out more. I think it is also unusual to see the indentation in the center with an open shelf below.

This is an unique piece and in such pristine condition.

Measurements: 5"h. x 5-5/8"w. x 1-3/4"d.
Circa: Early 19th Century
Price: SOLD!


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