Dolls Found with Tynietoy Furnishings


The three dolls shown in the photo are dressed in their original clothing.  The tallest doll is the lady, who is dressed in a long sleeve dress with a mix of colors in pink, green and cream. She has underclothing and is wearing black heels. She is 5-1/4”tall. She is priced at $120.


The young girl wearing an apron in the photo is 5” tall and is wearing a pink skirt with a top with the apron pinned to it. She has molded light brown hair with a bun in the back. She is wearing black heels too. Price: $125.


Theo gentleman is quite distinguished with his bowler molded hat! His facial features are exceptional with fine detail and beautiful painting. He is wearing his long brow felt coat and plaid trousers.  He’s quite a dapper guy! He has dark brown shoes with gray socks! He is 4-1/2” tall. Price: $140.


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