A Dome Trunk of Little Dolls


We have a dome trunk that is gray with strips of black with tacks to hold them in place. There are handles on each side. There is a hole for a key, but unfortunately the key did not come with it. When opened you can see an interior of maroon and beige stripes. A large tray lifts out to provide more storage in the bottom. The dolls in front of the trunk – One on the left has a swivel neck and wig with gray painted on feet to resemble shoes- -nice detailed facial features, -2-1/2”tall,  Tiny wooden doll – only arms move, has large wooden shoes, painted hair and facial features- 1- ¾” tall, then the blond bisque doll with moveable legs and arms. (bare feet, tiny chip on one foot) wearing a beautiful crochet dress with a pink ribbon. She is holding a 1-1/8” all bisque girl with a crochet dress- moveable arms and legs.


Inside the tray are 4 dolls- an all bisque girl wearing a beaded outfit (legs were once gold, most paint missing), two tiny bisque dolls with similar crocheted outfits in black pants and cream tops, moveable arms and legs, a larger bisque girl with crochet dress and hat in cream color, tiny black shoes with white stockings in blue trim- great facial features in detail- 1-3/4”tall and another little all bisque with moveable legs and arms dressed in a pink/beige dress, black shoes. Last of all is an old highchair that is made to fold into a chair and table on wheels.


There are 9 dolls, a trunk and a folding highchair.

Trunk is 2- ¼”h. x 4”w. x 2- ½”d.

Price: $650

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