A Tynietoy Bedroom Set


This bedroom set is painted a very soft green with flowers decoration on all the pieces. The bed is in the French style with corner posts painted on top as a pineapple. The bed is made up with a pillow, a lace coverlet and a Tynietoy mattress. The dressing table has a swivel mirror with  long drawers mounted on the top. There is a long narrow drawer under the table top. A rush seat rocking chair matches the other pieces in this set. I removed the bureau from this set as it really is a soft gray background. I am selling all the pieces separately


Measurements: The bed is 5-1/4h. x 4-3/8w. x 6-3/8long

                         The dressing table is 5-1/4h. x 4-1/4w.

                         The rocking chair is 4h.


Circa: 1920s-30s.

Price: Bed is $150

          Dressing table is SOLD

          Rocking chair is $45


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