An Outstanding Boulle Washstand


This Boulle washstand is an incredible piece of furniture!  The style and attention to detail certainly gives it a museum quality. The cabinet has a beautiful scalloped pediment on top with gold transfer work all around the mirror. Below it is a highly detailed pewter/like faucet that is placed so that water can fall into a bowl where the cut out hole is in the marble. I had a treen bowl placed in the hole in the marble, but porcelain would be fine too. Notice how the corners on the marble are squared off. Also notice how the back of the mirrored cabinet is scalloped and has quarter shelves for decoration. At the very top and behind the cabinet is a flat piece of wood that can be removed where you will see an opening lined in tin. This is the storage area for the water which will run out the faucet. (Note: I have never put water in it, but with a flashlight I can see down to the bottom of the tin holder, a hole for the water to drain). The tall cabriole legs certainly give it a wonderful presence! A special piece to place a doll with in a setting.


Measurements: 9- ˝”tall x 5-3/4”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $595


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