Ormolu Console Table with Mirror


This is a splendid piece for a hallway, parlor, or even a bedroom. The long mirror gives a feeling of elegance in a room as it reflects back the other furnishings, wallpaper or dolls. The bamboo style frame goes around the mirror and has a decorative top of scrollwork. The half round table has a gray metal surface with four layers of various ormolu borders which makes it very elegant. The three sprawling legs are attached to the table and provide good support. I have seen this piece in a bedroom with perfume bottles on the table, in a hallway with a calling card holder and in a parlor with a lamp on the table. A lovely piece!


Measurements: 7-3/4h. x 3-1/2w. (at the widest point of the bar under the scrollwork at the top)

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $450


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