A Fine Boulle Dressing Table

This dressing table has several special features! First, the gold transfer work is especially fine on the surface of the table. There is a shield in the center with fancy scroll work and has a scalloped edge all along the front. Above it is an elevated piece of wood with circular openings for bottles. I am sure I have some fluted glass bottles that would look great here and you could add more perfume bottles and maybe a jewelry box!! Then above this piece is a mirror framed with side panels of elaborate gold transfer work! Beneath the table surface is a deep long drawer that would be wonderful to store accessories for a dressing table (ivory combs, brushes, jewelry, etc). This dressing table could be filled with accessories that would be charming in a bedroom!

Measurements: 6-1/8"h. x 4-3/4"w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: $295


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