A Rare Boulle Dining Room Table

I have to say, I have never seen this piece before and especially with so many leafs that extend the table. At first I thought that one would see posts underneath the table to support all these leafs set in the center. But then I viewed how this was constructed. (Note: how the gold transfer work expands the design with each leaf)!

First, take a look at the second photo that shows the extra support on the back of the leafs so that they stay in place. You can take out all the leafs and have a perfect smaller table. The last photo shows the basic construction on how the table pulls apart and expands the size.

Measurements: The basic table without leafs is 2-3/4"h. x 5-1/4"w. x 3-3/4"d.
When all the leafs are inserted, it measures 8-3/4"w.

Circa: 19th Century
Scale- Slightly smaller than 1" scale. I may have some Boulle chairs to go with this table.
Price: $495


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