A Magnificent Set of Furniture


This is a set of Boulle furniture with lithograph scenes. This group of furniture consists of two sideboards, four chairs, a sofa, two plant stands and two oval tables. Each piece has different lithography, so that no two pieces are identical. The two sideboards are constructed the same with a center recessed mirror, flanking side cupboards with a gold transfer scene on the table surface. These scenes could be of a famous building, perhaps a castle or place where a treaty was signed. The lithograph courting scenes are beautiful with eighteenth century costumes. The sofa has the same lithography, but with paper trims. The turned arms and legs are all constructed like many Boulle pieces of furniture. The chairs compliment the sofa with paper trims and lithograph scenes, but the seats are a solid colored paper with cut out figures. Both oval tables have the black painted trim with a great scene in the center with three sprawling legs. The condition is just wonderful with crisp and colorful lithography. The last group of furniture is the pair of plant stands which are oval in shape, painted black, with a recessed interior to hold the wooden pots of flowers. The pots are set in amongst the moss and are secured so that they do not fall over. The stems are twisted green paper and flowers are made of fabric with wooden knob centers painted in various colors.


As a long time collector, I have only seen a couple pieces of this furniture at Christies in London many years ago.

Measurements: Sideboards- 6-3/4h. x 5-3/4w. x 2-5/8d.

                            Chairs- 5h.

                            Sofa - 5-1/4h. x 6-1/4w. x 2-3/8d.

                            Table- 3-1/4h. x 4-5/8w.

                            Plant Stands- 2-3/4h-2 more to top of flowers

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Inquiries Welcomed


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