A Pair of Ormolu Vases
This is an interesting pair of vases that I am sure don't appear very often. The front of the vases have flowers and leaves impressed and painted into the ormolu!! In the Erhard & Sohne book by Swantje Kohler, on page 52 is one of these vases. The whole page is shown with various ormolu vases with all the feathers, dry stalks with pods placed in them. One could put together any kind of old flower arrangement. I might add that in viewing these vases one sees a black outline on the top edge. Since there never was any ormolu on the inside of these vases but there is the metallic surface seen, it makes an attractive dark outline to each of the vases.
Measurements: 1-3/4"h
Circa: 1900
Price: SOLD


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