A Rare and Unusual Corner Kestner What Not Stand
I had never seen this piece before until a few years ago. As an avid collector of Kestner and Boulle furniture, I thought I had seen almost all the examples of these pieces. At first it seems quite confusing to look at, so I have supplied a number of photos to see it from all angles. First we can see by the placement of the mirror and the way this piece was built, that it is a corner piece that would fit nicely for most rooms. I like the curve of the marble table and how the mirrors are framed and curved with graduated shelves above. Below the marble table you see these incredible curved leg supports all mounted on a wooden base. (Since I identified this piece, I have since found a piece that uses the upper half of this piece as a hanging shelf!!) It is trimmed in worn gold paper trims. (Note: The mirrors are fine- the upper right has some scratching).
A marvelous piece for the dining room or parlor for holding small porcelain objects!
Measurements: 7-1/2"h.x 3-1/2" at the widest point
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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