Boulle Parlor Set
This set is in marvelous condition and consists of a sofa, two fancy arm chairs with padded arms and two side chairs. The set is upholstered in that cut velvet in a chocolate brown. The gilt paper trims are all in tact and if you notice, the chairs have the double row of paper trims which just adds a little something special! The seats to the chairs have that scalloped front too. The backs of the chairs have the open cut out backs with fine gold transfer work. I would also like to point out the padded arms have the paper trims too. As a collector of the Boulle furniture myself, I always like to study the design of the gold transfer work. The sofa has feather designs all across the back and along the front legs. This set is all original and has never had a crack or repair work done. It obviously was well taken care of and is in mint condition!
Measurements: 4-1/4"h. x 8-3/8"w. (sofa), arm chairs are 6"h. The side chairs are 5-1/4"h.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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