A Fine Set of Treenware
As you can see from the photos, this is a complete dinner set which features the bubble bee and the rose! The dishes are painted in a creamy tan in the center with the flower decoration and the bee. The outer edges are painted in a darker tan and green with very thin red lines in between the stripes. The set includes- 6 dinner plates, 6 smaller plates, 6 shallow bowls, 3 bowls for serving, 2 vases (one with flowers), 2 candlesticks, 2 small compotes, the large single plate (charger) and the soup tureen.
I purchased this set yesterday at a show and realized when I got home, I already had this set. So I am simply selling it for what I paid for it.
The second photo shows some flaws which are seen quite well. The soup tureen has a handle missing, 3 dinner plates and the charger have some paint missing.
The decoration of the bee and the rose with other small flowers make this a charming set. (Note: If you want the restoration done on the few pieces mentioned, just let me know. Some people prefer them to remain as is).
Measurements: The soup tureen is 1-3/4"h. The dinner plates are 1-7/8" in diameter.
Circa: 1900
Price: SOLD


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