Lovely Porcelain Doll - Made by Kister
If you look closely at this doll's face, you can see the fine facial painting done by the Kister doll company. One distinctive feature of the Kister doll is the lack of an outline around the iris or any white highlights on the iris. The mouth too has far space peaks on the upper lip and the lower lip has a rectangular shape with rounded ends.
This lady has black painted hair pulled back in a bun. Her original gown is exceptional and fits her body well. The low cut neckline in the front comes just off the shoulders. (Note in the photo showing the back of the doll, you can see the hole in the shoulder plate that attaches to the body! This is fine and what you would see under the clothing!) There is some melting in the gown in the upper part of the train which would be common for a dress made this early). Her flat shoes are gold luster with blue painted bows.
An outstanding doll.

Measurements: 10" tall

Circa: 1850
Price: $850





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