Lovely Hanging Kerosene Chandelier
The large scale chandelier has its three original chains connected to the rim of the chandelier and which connect up to the three holes in the original bracket that has a holder to hang on the ceiling! In the first photo, you see the heavy gold painted weight that is mounted on a chain that allows the chandelier to be adjusted to the height desired. If you pull the weight down, up goes the chandelier. The original wick is still in the kerosene font with the knob to turn the wick up or down. Three decorative brackets on the sides support the rim and allow the font to fit down in the base. There is a large Bristol glass shade that fits into the rim of the chandelier.(I always put a little candle wax on the rim to make sure the shade is secure). There is a long glass chimney that fits down into kerosene brackets that surround the wick. A complete and wonderful chandelier.
Measurements: The chandelier will suspend down 8-1/2".
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD

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