An Outstanding Ormolu Birdcage with Feeders
There are many ormolu birdcages, some with flat top and others with a dome top. But it is really rare to have 2 feeders, 2 birds and a domed top. (Note: I looked through my Attic Scrapbook which shows a lot of the important pieces I have sold and this piece is not on the site! Each section of the website has a place to click that takes you to past sales. Please inquire if you need help).
Both feeders are mounted on one end of the cage and they do move, they actually twist around. Right behind them is a bird suspended on a gold ring. Another small bird is at the feeder on the other side of the cage. The ormolu is strong and brilliant, the best I have seen.
Measurements: 2-3/4"h. x 2-1/2"w. x 2-1/4"d.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD

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