Rare Sewing Etui
This etui is in the form of a brown leather purse with handles. (Note: Handles show wear). When you open the top, it has tiny tools inside. It is lined in silk leather and embossed papers. The under part of the lid shows an ivory needle case which opens, a pair of nice gold scissors and a stilleto. Inside the purse is an ivory thimble held in one of the pockets and some pins in the other pocket. In the center is a mirror held in the leather compartment. Down inside the purse is a pack of needles and some more pins.
These pieces are so fragile that I don't remove things from their holders unless I have to. The lid does need a tiny piece of silk glued on the back to keep it from having the top separate from the purse.
Measurements: 1-1/8"h.x 1-3/4"w.
Circa: 1860
Price: SOLD

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