Rare Sewing Etui
The sewing etui is in the shape of a doll's purse and has sewing tools attached to the lid underneath and inside the purse. These include the scissors (open and close), an ivory stiletto, an ivory needle case, spools of thread, a mirror that tucks into a separate compartment in the purse and some tiny straight pins. The purse has lavender silk and leather on all sides and the top. It has two leather handles. (Note: The tab on the front is missing that goes down over the metal latch). These items are very prized in a miniature sewing collection. This would be a wonderful accessory on a table next to a doll or on the floor amongst other sewing items.
Measurements: 1-1/4"h. x 2"w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD
Next to the sewing etui, is a French card with sewing implements sewn on it. There is an ivory thimble, an ivory needle case, a stiletto, and a pair of scissors that open and close. A wonderful accessory for the sewing room or to add to sewing items on the floor of a room. There are two pair of gilded sewing scissors; - one is very finely made and has the form of a rabbit and the other has a slightly heavier form - both open and close .
Measurements: Rabbit scissors- 1-1/2" long, the others are 1-1/2"- The French card with implements-The two larger implements measure 1"
Circa: 1890-1920
Price: Rabbit scissors - $125
           Other scissors - $25
           The sewing card with implements - $295


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