A Rare Miniature Lithophane
I have been a collector of miniature lithophanes for years. I have seen them framed in pot metal, tin, cast iron and ormolu. The center of the lithophane has a carved scene in porcelain. I have done a lot of research on lithophanes and how they were made in a past newsletter.  In order to see the scene, one has to project a light of some kind  behind it, to make the image visible. One often sees a holder in the back of the lithophane for a candle. I found this particular one in Germany several years ago. It is extremely rare due to its size, that it is mounted in an ormolu stand and that the porcelain is green! I have tried to photograph the scene, but I am not able to make out the forms. The lithophane is held by prongs on the back, much like a picture frame. This one would be placed on a table with a lamp next to it. An extremely rare piece!
Measurements: 3" tall.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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