A Small Room Box with Furnishings

The small room box has lovely interior old wallpaper around the back and both sides. A rug with tiny prints is glued down on the floor.

The furnishings include a round pedestal table and five little chairs with turned legs, a cut out back and gold velvet seats. There is also a rectangular table with turned legs and grain painted top. This matches the round pedestal table. The sofa has a padded back and a padded seat. The back of the sofa has a scalloped back with a crest in the center. There are four tiny bulbous legs. A teaset with a peacock painted on a tray and misc. dishes sets on the rectangular table. A sweet little piece!

Measurements: The room box is 5-1/2"h.x 9"w. x 4"d.
Circa: Early 19th Century
Price: SOLD!


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