Exquisite Ormolu Fireplace 
This is the more unusual ormolu fireplace with its double gallery above the mantle. There are garlands suspended below the second gallery on three sides with a large mirror on the back. The side railings are similar to the fenders at the base of the fireplace with its open pierce work and beaded decoration. The floors to these shelves in the gallery are also like the tile design in the impressed triangular pattern which is on the base of the fireplace. Turned ormolu posts on each front corner of these shelves are like torches. The large medallion at the very top of the pediment is surrounded by beautiful scroll work that slants down to the sides, creating a triangular shape. A most impressive piece for the dolls' house!
Measurements: 6-1/4"h. x 4" w. x 2-3/4" d.
Price: SOLD


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