Rare Large Scale Kestner Table 
I have shown the table open to show the intricate work inside. When you close up the table, there are two hooks on the back that latch and keep the table closed. You will also notice that a leg supports the table in the center when the large leaf is inserted. This support leg goes back into the large pedestal base when you close it. It is like having a hidden leg! On the back of the table you can see it sticking through a hold in the center. There is white banding around the bottom edge of the table. The platform base is curved on four sides and rests on four blocks of wood.
I have seen the large scale table like this one without gold transfer work and only the smaller size with gold transfer work. (any comments would be welcome) With the added leaf, this makes a great dining room table! For display, I leave the table closed and place early dinner plates  and napkins rings with napkins on top. A glass compote of fruit sets off the table beautifully!
Measurements: 3-5/8" h. x a diameter of 5-5/8" (table is closed)
                         When leaf is added, table is 8" long x 5-7/8" w.
Circa: 1850
Price: SOLD


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