Tynietoy Bedroom Furniture


I actually have two twin beds and a full bed in yellow. (write me for further information) The twin Empire bed is painted yellow with flower decoration on the headboard and on the outside of the footboard. There are gold lined borders on the sides of the headboard and footboard. The next item is a sewing stand with a drawer and then another drawer, which when pulled out, shows an original sewing bag glued inside so that the bag hangs below. A gold vine decoration appears on the legs of the stand on three sides. A painted flower grouping is found on the top of the stand. The last item is a side chair  painted yellow with flower decoration on the back of the chair.


Measurements: Bed is 3-1/2h. x 7-1/4long x 3d.

                         Sewing stand is 2-5/8h.

                         Chair is 3-1/2h.

Circa: 1920-30s.

Price: Bed is $95; Sewing stand is SOLD! Side chair is $40



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