An Outstanding Gothic Boulle Mirror
This piece is seldom seen! It has an incredible top to the mirror with spirals on the corners, scalloped edges going from the spirals up to the center cross. Cut out quatrefoils with a center torch extending downward complete the decoration. The original mirror is still intact. It is glued to the base which has a horizontal drawer which extends outward over the cupboard doors below. White banding separates the drawer from the cupboard drawers and white banding is found below the cupboard drawers. Little wooden droplets are found hanging from the ends of the drawer. (Note: This piece would be a tall in the regular home and would nearly reach the ceiling!) This would be a magnificent piece in a hallway , parlor etc.
Measurements: 9-1/4" h. x 3-1/4" w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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