A Rare Simon-Halbig Gentleman Doll


We rarely see glass-eyed gentleman dollhouse dolls. I remember they were very coveted in the 1970s and 80s, especially by a great collector, Emily King.  Every Christmas, she sent all her friends a card which she had made with her glass-eyed gentlemen standing by a Christmas tree or serving punch in a parlor decorated for the holidays. I have kept all her cards as I treasured them all. I would save any glass- eyed men and bring them to her to the Gaithersburg Christmas Show. Those times have passed so now I can offer them for sale.

This gentleman has his original clothing including his black tuxedo in black felt, his white vest, shirt and bow tie. His light brown hair is modeled with a part in the middle. His tiny glass eyes are set so perfectly and his molded mustache makes him a distinguished gentleman!


Measurements: 6-1/2 tall

Circa: 1890 -1900

Price: SOLD!


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