A Rare Boulle Drop Table

This lovely table is large scale and is beautifully constructed with its excellent design and special features. From the sides, one immediately is drawn to the legs which are so unusual. They are made as a support on the top and feet at the bottom. The gold transfer work is done in the opposite way; that is the background is done in gold and the scroll work outlines in the rosewood color. Certainly the maker wanted to emphasize the beauty of  this piece by drawing your eye first to this area of the tables features. A supporting trestle connects the two sides, giving it abundant support. The side leafs are movable and can be held up with support with two dowels underneath. (The dowels are not present, but can easily made from old wood for support). The top of the table has a grand medallion which stands out as the leafs on the sides are plain rosewood with a slight gold border around the edges. An exceptional piece for your collection!

Measurements: 3-1/2h.x 3-7/8w. x 2-3/4d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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