A Grouping of Tynietoy Furniture

All of the Tynietoy furniture shown can be sold separately. The first piece is a Hepplewhyte chair with a painted green seat with bouquets of flowers. A mahogany grandfather’s clock has a lithograph paper face and painted lines to resemble paneling. The sewing stand is also painted green with flowers on top and has a replaced bag underneath. (one could use this one as a pattern, but make one from old silk).  The second drawer has a circular opening with the sewing bag hanging down). The last item is a green painted wing chair with painted bouquets and stripes on the sides.


Measurements: Chair is 33-1/2”h. Grandfather’s clock is 7-5/8”h. Sewing table is 2-3/4”h. Wing chair is 4- ¾”h.

Circa: 1920s & 30s

Prices: Chair is $60; Grandfather’s clock is SOLD; Sewing stand is $125, and Wing chair is $150.



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