Incredible Canopy Bed 
The form on this particular bed is quite unusual when we think of canopy beds. There are four turned posts with finials (tip on one is missing) that hold up a wooden canopy that extends or bows on one side with decorative filigree metal. This would mean that the side must face outwards so that this becomes the front of the bed! The bed hangings are draped on the sides which is where the headboard and footboard are placed. The lovely bed dressing is done in a soft blue silk with crewel work needlework. If you study this needlework you can see the crewel work was done and then cut out and appliquéd onto the existing fabric. The antique bed coverings match the bed dressing. The mattress is original to the bed and is in a soft brown cotton cloth. An outstanding and rare example of a dolls' house bed.
Measurements: 9-1/2"h.x 9-5/8"long x 5-1/4"d.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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