An Exceptional Boulle Dresser


When I first saw this piece, I thought it was a sideboard for a dining room.  Perhaps that was the intended use of this piece of furniture. I placed it in a bedroom as a dresser with a mirror. All of these drawers were perfect for storing clothing, but the mirror made me feel like it should be used as a dressing table. The mirror is cut out in the shape of a shield and above it is gold transfer work of the head of a warrior. His headdress is quite elaborate and the scalloped mirror has an abundance of a vine of scrollwork coming down on the sides. There are two levels of drawers and cupboards with elaborate gold transfer decoration. The entire piece is outlined in black with white banding on the lower level. (I might add that I used the table surfaces to display combs, brushes, perfume bottles and small picture frames. I had two very fancy ormolu vases filled with tiny flowers. Special Note: The person who buys this piece gets a chance to buy all the accessories I mentioned previously with this piece!


Measurements: 6-1/2h. x 4-7/8w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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