An Exceptional Sterling Silver Tea Set


The size and shape of the tray is perfect for a dolls’ house! The tray has impressed designs of leaves and a flower in the center.  The handles on each side are fancy and work well with the overall pattern of the tray. It has a scalloped edge with little bouquets around the edges. The three pieces on the tray have such delicate handles and are tastefully made for the grandest affair. The teapot has a hinged cover and liquid does come out of the spout! Early sugar bowls did not covers! The pitcher has the silver markings on the side. (any dark areas are shadows, the tray hasn’t any dark areas).

A lovely set for the parlor or for the sideboard in a dining room!


Measurements: The tray is 3-1/8”w.The teapot is 1”h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD

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