Exceptional Dressing Table 
This particular dressing table was part of a discussion on dressing tables in my July 2010 issue in which we explored the various styles and forms of this furniture. We often identify this piece by the oval open decoration at the top which is part of the Rococo style. I refer to this piece as the dressing table with the lazy eyes! The gold transfer work around these oval openings is especially noteworthy in that this looks like tapestry rope which also comes down on the sides. If you study the transfer work above these openings, you see grand corner spirals and leaves over lattice, almost like you are viewing a magnificent wall decoration of a grand home.
A small recessed mirror is found on the back wall which is mounted on aqua paper. The base of this piece is like a bureau with openings on top for powder bowls and perfume.
Most amazing is the center drawer, which when opened, is a sewing drawer! All of the compartments are separated with aqua paper and Dresden paper trims! In the center is a rose velvet covering to house scissors and an ivory stiletto. Balls of tapestry threads are found in the little compartments.. Below this drawer are two cupboard doors that open for storage. Gold transfer work appears on the front of the cabinet and at the top of this piece, but not on the flat dressing table with the holes for bottles. This is a truly remarkable piece for your dolls' house bedroom!
Measurements: 7-1/8"h.x 3-1/2"w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD


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