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       New Arrival! Circa 1830's Large Brick House

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Ever since I bought the Massachusetts Dolls' House from the Flora Jacob's auction in 2004, (see past newsletters), I have really enjoyed furnishing the large scale dolls' houses.

This dolls' house is known as the Murrey-Marbury-Dodge dolls' house and it is the same size as the Massachusetts house. The ceilings are 22" h. but the rooms are wider since there is not a staircase. The width of the rooms is 24". That extra space is needed when you are working in the larger scale.

There are 4 large rooms with original fireplaces and a shelf unit in the kitchen. The house is 60" tall (due to a slanted roof and chimneys, this house is only taller than the Massachusetts house due to architectural addition. The interior space is the same in the two houses. The house rests on a base to allow for proper viewing (later addition).

The exterior of the house is of the Federal style with its faux brickwork, large four-pane windows which are on the hinged front and sides. There is a magnificent raise panel front door with a neo-classical fanlight under a Georgian pediment. The roof has a shingled effect created by narrow lapped boards. The flanking chimneys are extended brickwork from the sides of the house. The wallpapers are vintage (about 60 years old in 3 rooms). The kitchen is painted a lovely old blue and appears original. (some age cracks in upper corner of kitchen).

The provenance of the dolls' house is quite impressive. It was built for Juliet A. Murrey in Largo County of Maryland. She lived in a distinguished 18th century house called Mount Lubentia. She passed the dolls' house to her daughter Meta Murrey who later passed it to her son Francis Chapman Dodge. She then passed it to Kathryn Murphy. The dolls' house remained in the same house in Maryland until 1982! So it was kept in the same family for 150 years! For further information, please contact me at-