Tynietoy Sewing Table and Rocker


Here is a set in gray of a rocker and sewing stand. Both are in fine condition, As you probably know, the sewing table has two drawers with the one on the bottom that has a circular opening cut out in the drawer. A silk sewing bag is inserted in the hole and the edges of the bag are glued down around the opening. (I did notice that the drawers have two nails on each drawer instead of one nail–these act as knobs). The bottom of the bag is gathered and sewn) I wanted to explain and show this in case you have a sewing table missing a bag. Both pieces of furniture are lined in gold paint and have painted flowers for decoration.


Measurements: The sewing table is 2-3/4”h. The rocker is 3-1/8”h.

Circa: 1920’s-1930’s

Price: The rocker is $40.

           The sewing table is $125.


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