An Incredible Fireplace
I have seen these fireplaces constructed with figurines on the corners supporting the mantle, but I have never seen serpents. All of the decoration is made of soft metal or pot metal and is painted gold. If you study the serpents which look like dragons with wings, you will see they are sitting back on their haunches, their wings are upright on the sides of their heads, and their front paws are holding a large bird. They are mounted on an elaborate pedestal on each side of the fender to the fireplace. The hearth area recesses inward and has a grate inserted which holds red paper to represent the fire. The curved opening to the hearth area has scroll work surrounding the opening. The mantle to the fireplace has a distinctive form that curves and juts out on the corners with hanging metal pieces. This amazing piece could be the focus point of any room with its marvelous design.
Measurements: 4-7/8"h (to the top of the pediment) x 6-1/6" (at the widest point which is the mantle) x 3-1/4"d.
Circa: Late 19th Century
Price: SOLD



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