An Outstanding and Rare Child’s Ormolu Bed


I seldom ever see this piece! The ormolu is perfect, brilliant and strong! The bed has four ormolu sides of open work with posts cut out, much like a fence! The frame at the foot of the bed is done in the bamboo style.  The canopy top is also framed in the bamboo style and has the original lace draped and tied back with maroon bows. The interior of the bed and the sides of the bed have the same damask maroon fabric as food in the adult bed!


(Note: The bisque baby is being sold separately and has early painted facial features and beautiful molded hair with curls – not typical of just the average bisque baby. The baby is shown in a hand-made long dress and bonnet with fine needlework).


Measurements: 6”h. to the top of the bar that appears on the back of the canopy. The canopy is 5-1/4”h. x 5”long x 2-1/2”w.

                            The baby is 3”long

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Bed-SOLD

          Baby- $150


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