Early Painting of a Lady


This early painting hung in the hallway of the Ramís Head House. It was hung above the window and was in clear view as you ascended the staircase. The painting was quite striking in a room of stripped wallpaper in gold and cream. The ladyís vibrant blue dress with her ruffled collar and cuffs of lace at her wrists, also had a bonnet of similar lace. The blue ribbons in her hair brought out the blue in her eyes. Her face is striking with facial features being quite plain, but the ringlets in her hair helped to soften her appearance. She is holding a book, perhaps a prayer book, as her attire is quite formal as her Sunday best. (Note: The painting is protected by glass in its circular frame. The painting is not signed).


Measurements: The diameter is 3-7/8Ē.

Circa:  1800-1820

Price: $225

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