A Rare and Unusual Ormolu Birdcage on a Stand


For many years, I tried to find the many varieties of ormolu birdcages. They came in all shapes and sizes and over the years, I had put quite a collection together.  This one is seldom seen, just take a look at that fancy Rococo base! It is just full of scrollwork and has a fluted pole that holds a decorative top that is similar to a flower. This is where the birdcage stands with circular bars at two levels. A beautiful wax parrot with a long coral tail, a cream colored neck and a green head is swinging on a perch! The ormolu is just so brilliant and strong! A great addition to any room in your dolls’ house!


Measurements: 5-3/4”h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $475

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