A Fine Dolls’ House Soldier


When viewing the dolls’ house soldiers in a collection, we can often identify this doll as a famous person in history. Since these soldiers were made in Germany, we will see a General or Emperor of that country. This particular uniform was worn by Emperor William 11 when reviewing the army during the late 19th century. The hat is known as a garrison cap and was probably worn in place of the more familiar spiked helmet when not riding or in the field. The uniform is a beige wool with red trim and numerous gold Dresden papers were used to enhance the uniform. There are Epaulettes which are found on top of the shoulder and were used as a deflect to a blow by a sword in battle. They were also used as ornamentation to hold cords in place. If the collar and cuffs are trimmed in red, then he was in the infantry. In the infantry, a soldier would go into battle on foot. He has a sword at his side and black heeled boots. There is some slight soiling to the back of the uniform.

His facial features are quite detailed with a molded mustache, painted blue eyes and molded ears.

A great soldier for your collection of dollhouse dolls.


Measurements: 7” tall

Circa: 1890

Price: SOLD


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