A Tynietoy Grandfather’s Clock, Table Lamp, Bow Front Chest and Sheraton Chair


This grouping includes several pieces! The grandfather’s clock has exceptional quality in the staining of the mahogany. The clock face is clear and colorful with excellent shading in lines below that are done to represent paneling. The table lamp has an original shade by Tynietoy with its original clamps on the side. The green base to the lamp is in excellent condition.  The bow front mahogany chest has wooden knobs and in excellent condition with a mahogany stain. The Sheraton chair is stained in mahogany with a green painted seat with wavy black lines. Excellent condition.


Measurements: The clock is 7-3/4”tall, The lamp with shade is 2-3/4” tall, the bow front chest is 3-1/2”h.x 4”w., the Sheraton chair is 4” tall

Circa: 1920’s-30’s

Price: Grandfather’s Clock-$130. The table lamp is SOLD, the Bow Front Chest- SOLD! and the Sheraton Chair- $65


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