A Mauve Painted Bathroom Set with Stool and Radiator


It appears the paint is more like a rose/gray which is very neutral with original faucets The set includes the tub, pedestal basin, toilet and stool and radiator. (Note: There are a few tiny areas of missing paint, but hardly noticeable on the tub, a few on the toilet seat, other pieces are fine.) All five pieces are sold as a lot. A charming set to use in a bathroom, fun to decorate with accessories.


Measurements: Tub-2-1/8h. x 5-5/8long, Toilet- 2-1/2h. x2-1/2long, stool is 1-1/2h., radiator-2-1/2h.x 2-3/8w.

Circa: 1900-1920s

Price for set: SOLD


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