A Tynietoy Wing Chair and Demi Lune Table


The wing chair is one of the “Parrot Chairs” as you can find them in three places on the chair.  The shade of green for the background is very attractive so that when you add the flowers and vines in shades of creamy yellow, coral, and a gray/blue, it blends beautifully. The chair is in fine condition and has the Tynietoy logo. The demi-lune table is stained in a nice mahogany stain and has some gold decoration on the front leg. Accessories on the table are a brass candlestick, a wooden cat and a basket of yarn.


Measurements: The wing chair is 4-3/4”h. The demi-lune table is 2-5/8”h. x 4”w. The cat is 1”h. x 2-1/4”long

Circa: 1920’s-30’s

Price: Wing chair- $195

          The demi-lune table- $40

          The cat- $10

          The candlestick- $5

          The basket of yarn- $15


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