A Tynietoy Hutch Table and Two Windsor Chairs


The hutch-table is painted an apple green and has a painted design with hearts under the table.  The table is in an upright position and acts as a chair in the first photo. When you pull the back of the chair down, we now have a table as seen in photo #2. The brace back Windsor chairs are in green and red and are in fine condition. We can identify Tynietoy Windsor chairs by the molded seat to give more comfort and the back of the chair has a V shape construction that gives more support to the chair.


Measurements: The hutch-table set up as a chair is 5h. x 4w. As a table, it is 2-3/4h. x 4x4 table top. The Windsors are 3-1/2h.

Circa: 1920s- 1930s

Price: All items have SOLD!


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