Tynietoy Bookcase


This is a fine example of a bookcase with its original heavy card books! There are 5 shelves and on each shelf are books of varying sizes that have been colored and copied with tabs on the two ends. Each shelf had a different number of books with a wide variety of colors. The tabs were glued on the ends to keep the row of cardboard from getting lost. Below the shelves are two cabinet doors of raised paneling and metal knobs. On top of the book case is what we call a “Broken Pediment” with a finial in the center. Instead of showing carving on the pediment, you will notice there are black lines drawn in and they give the illusion of carving. This piece of furniture would be wonderful in a parlor and looks exceptionally nice when one of these is placed on each side of a fireplace.


Measurements: 8-1/4”h. x 3-3/4”w.

Circa: 1902’s -1930’s

Price: SOLD!


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