An Outstanding Set of Lithograph Furniture


This exceptional set of lithograph furniture The combination of printed paper glued on wood with upholstery done in a deep moss green velvet certainly enhances the beauty of the pieces. The wood graining along with decorative flowers and scrolls is certainly eye catching. It is also the condition of the set that makes it appealing too. The lithography is bright, all intact and is presented in a larger scale than most of the lithograph pieces that you see. The set has 8 pieces- a sofa, four matching chairs, a tall pier mirror, and an outstanding tall clock and a sideboard. All of the drawers and cabinet parts open. I have to say that the piece most striking to me is this heavily ornamented clock. It towers up to 8! The cut out work with highly decorated lithographed papers of not only the clock face but with roses, leaves climbing upward and a pediment on top of part of a building and a statue on top!


Measurements: The sofa is 4-3/4h. x 6-5/8w. The pier mirror is 8- h. The sideboard is 6-1/2w. (additional pictures are on the Home Page)

Circa: 1875

Price: $1350