Three Stoves


The first stove is made of soft metal and has two burners on top. The door on the front opens where there is a shelf inside.  There is a pipe on one side that connects the burners on top to the shelf inside! Measurements: 3h. x 2-1/4 Circa: 1920s  Price: $45


The second stove is a parlor stove. It is made of pot metal and has the round belly in the center with parts painted a deep rose color to show where the fame would be!  It is mounted on four strong feet and also has the pipe in the back that would fit in the hole of a wall in a home. Measurements: 4-1/2h. x 2 diameter of the base. Circa: 1900-1920. This item has been SOLD!


This is a small scale cooking stove made of pot metal. Nothing opens but it has lots of detail work with impressed designs on the stove top where the burners are and the front shows the oven door and the deep rose color pieces are where you would see a flame. Measurements: 3-1/2h.x 2-3/4w. Circa: 1920- Price: $35


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