A Miniature Sewing Etui


An etui is a container specifically made to hold sewing tools. We know that some of the cases could be gold, silver, enamel, ivory, etc. To find miniature sewing etuis is a bit more difficult. This etui shown here is in the shape of an egg but with a chain attached it becomes a purse for a doll. There is a clasp on the front to open it and it is hinged from the back. The inside has one section in a burgundy velvet with threads to hold a thimble, pair of scissors and a hook for removing threads. The outside of the purse is done in a gold mesh.  One could leave the etui open and display it in a cabinet or place it on a dresser for a doll or place it on the dolls wrist.


Measurements: h.x 1-1/4w.

Circa: 19th Century- 1900

Price: $150


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