Dolls’ House Furniture - by Harrass

Gothic Large Scale Furniture


This furniture was made by Harrass in Germany in the late 19th Century. It is well built and very sturdy. Some of the identifying features are the carved leaf designs on the top of the chairs, the medallions found on the front of doors were like rosettes or figural heads. We would also see these medallions on pediments of a cupboard.  The furniture is stained in walnut and has these embellishments along with scored lines to represent raised paneling. The lot consists of 6 chairs, a tall cupboard, a marble sideboard (an attached top is missing) and an elaborate desk.


Measurements: The cupboard is 8-3/8”h. x 3-7/8. The chairs are 5-3/4”h.

Circa: 1890

Price: $450



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