A Beautiful Ivory Chess Set on a Stand


This finely made ivory chess set is in perfect condition!  All of these intricately carved  pieces are all accounted for without any damage and none are missing! It seems amazing over time that something didn’t get broken. But obviously someone truly cared for and protected it all these years.  What is so nice too are the vivid colors The white is really a strong white, the red is so deep and the black squares are just so black. Beneath the chess board is a cut out pattern of design work carved into the ivory to give it a nice border. The stand is nicely turned and has three sprawling feet. A great addition for a parlor, bedroom  or any comfortable spot to play chess!


Measurements: The stand and chessmen are 2-1/8”h. The square stand is 1-3/8” square.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $645


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