Fine Needlework – From Bonham’s Auctions


As you can see from the photos, these are fine petite-point dolls’ house rugs. I had bought a few of these at a Bonham’s sale in England. In this set, there are two rugs and what I did was to put them together in the center of a room and place a piece of furniture on them. The fine work and the shading of the flowers was incredible. These were not mass produced but all done my hand on 50 stitches to the inch!  One can use these two pieces separately or combine them. One of the things you want to achieve is to keep your rug thin so that it lies flat on the floor of a dolls’ house. I did show in one photo how all the black stitches were all crisscrossing across the canvass which had to be done around the flowers, on the underside of the rug. This also shows all the hand work required to do the task. To do this size carpet using such fine work takes an incredible amount of time.


( I know, I used to do 32” stitches to the inch, but I could never do 50! I personally would use both pieces of petite-point together as the blocking is not perfect and it looks better with the two pieces together).


Measurements:  6” x 5-1/4” for each piece and there are two pieces

Circa: unknown when these were made

Price: SOLD



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