A Tynietoy Victorian Parlor set

This Victorian parlor set was painted black to resemble horsehair which was often used as an upholstery on a parlor set.  The sleek black look was very popular and was done so well on Tynietoy furniture. The sofa has a gentle scalloped back which is nicely stained as is the frame work around the base on the front.  But the real eye-catcher is the Victorian arm chair. The arms are just incredible the way they curl around in a coil! No wonder people seek out these pieces.  The smaller matching chair is a simple side chair, which could be used at a table! The faux marble table is beautifully painted to resemble marble. The base is exactly like the  dining room table. A metal tray with a bottle of Scotch and two stripped glasses certainly invite guests to be entertained. A beautiful hooked rug with a black border compliments the setting.

Measurements: Sofa is 3-1/2h.x 7w.; Arm chair is 4-1/4h.; Table is 2-3/4h.x 3-7/8w.; Rug is 7-1/8w. x 4-1/2d.

Circa: 1920s-1930s

Prices: Three piece parlor set = $325; Table = $75; Rug = SOLD



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